Thursday, December 2, 2010

Artisan Snapshot: Even Howard of nadene

  • Who are you? And what drives to you create!?
I'm Even Howard, a maker of many things and a dreamer of more.  I have a mind that observes and then transforms, it's difficult for me to not create!  Since moving to San Francisco from Montana two years ago, I have found a good hide-out above the ocean and I let my mind work on the combining string with the moods of the natural world at play around me. 
I love to learn from the techniques of the past and then give myself creative challenges like taking a technique of historical value and bringing it into modern accessories or thinking of a design element and imagining how a matched set for a pair of lovers would work.  I identify with my pioneer ancestors, actually familial as well as kindred in spirit; every medium is of interest to me and it all comes back to building up one's own life and home.  An expression of self or a created scene to share.
Custom Bridesmaid Friendship Necklaces
by nadene - $58 USD
When & why did you start your Etsy shop? 
I'm an original Etsy member, the 'oldest' still selling.  I started on Etsy because I was living abroad so any connections to the creative processes of my worldwide peers was a joy that wasn't always easy to find.
How did you come up with your business name? 
Nadene was a beloved raven.  I knew her during one of my summers in Alaska.  She had been pushed from the nest and adopted by my uncle.  She knew her name, sung out in two ringing syllables, and would come tottering to see, especially when it was he who called.  She never quite learned to fly and became as domestic underfoot as a dog.
Custom Driftwood Bib Necklace
nadene - $68 USD
 Her parents often flew over and I watched them converse with their daughter.  She was friendly and would cuddle in your sleeping bag during the night and happily sneak salmon scraps from under the porch by day. Her health deteriorated within one season and she spent the last few days of her life at a raptor center where they thought she had a spinal degeneration issue, perhaps the reason she was pushed from the nest.  I've always been inspired by her expressive voice, her dark eyes, and her great presence.  When I set out to open a shop to celebrate my creative heart melding with travels and the natural world, I wanted to honor her gifts.
Tea Time Set - by nadene - $48 USD
 What does a day in your life look like?
My boyfriend and I sometimes joke about this because some days it is *so* ideal... On a morning when I rise early I like to have tea outside while overlooking the ocean and just see 'what's coming' as I watch the west.  I keep a majority of my string in one box, so it's very portable.  If it's sunny out, I'll sit outside and work on designs.  Later I might go to the art studio which I share in the Sunset and do some finishing work or sewing.  If it's a 'work' day I may teach up to three yoga classes.  My favorite days often end with a burrito.  
Other days I worry because I am far from my family, can't pay a bill, or have little of the trappings that make up the modern 'secure' lifestyle.  I try to turn those days into burrito days.
To find out more about Even and her amazing wares, feel free to click on the following links:


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